Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Do you guarantee your service?
A- All services come with a satisfaction guarantee. Every effort will be made to correct any possible audio/video related issues, and if there is no resolution, there will be no charge.

Q- Do you keep a backup copies of our original footage on your computers?
A- We don’t keep copies of customers projects on computer or on DVD.

Q- Can I get my VHS tape on Blu-ray and will it be in High Definition (HD)?
A- No, you can not get your VHS tape on Blu-ray.  VHS tape is limited in the size of video (number of pixels) and HD video is 4X the size, which means that the up-converted video will not look as sharp as it will in its traditional format DVD. This is why we don’t convert to Blu-ray.

Q- What happens if my video tape is damaged or not playing well?
A- We have several different machines that we work with and if any projects are unplayable, damaged or track poorly they will be returned at no charge.

Q- What if I don’t know what is on the video tape?
A- We check video tapes for our customers to see what is on them. If we find movies or TV shows we stop the transfer and inform the customer about the content.

Q- What if my tape breaks while it is being transferred?
A- David’s Videography is not responsible for project damage during the conversion process, such as VHS, 8mm, or audio cassette tape breaking during playback. We are able to fix most tapes long enough to be transferred, but we charge for the process and we don’t guarantee that it will last.

Q- I have copy right media that I want to transfer, copy and send to my friend?
A- We do not duplicate copy right discs for distribution, but if you want to back up your personal collection of music, movies or other media we can help you.

Q- I have copy right media that I can’t buy on DVD or CD?
A- We can transfer these media to DVD or CD, but we do not reprint/copy the original copyrighted album/cassette/video artwork

Q- Can I get a picture put on the DVD label?
A- Yes! Just give us a picture and we will fit on the DVD label. This is a custom service.

Q- Does your DVD work in all DVD players?
A- Some DVD discs we create for you may not be be compatible with some newer Blu-Ray DVD players. Standard DVD players should play DVD or CD’s.

Q- I have some video of a very personal nature?
A- We don’t transfer video of explicit nature.